Francis Aeol - Readings of Lethargy

December 2009


Mit mechanischer herangehensweise hat Francis Aeol die Freude des Seins
aus plastischer Sicht fast ein Jahrzehnt zu ergründen ersucht.
Digitale Auseinandersetzungen haben mich ihn oft sagen hören, dass ein
Funken Hoffnung die Atmosphäre küssen dürfe aber niemals die Partitur
ins unergründliche Glück lenken solle. Dies hätte für ihn den Nachteil
dass man Zufriedenheit weiter untersuchen müsse und dazu habe er nicht
die opitmalen Voraussetzungen zur Verfügung. Tiefe Trostlosigkeit die
sich um dass Verstehen von scheinbar zusammenhanglosen Strukturen um
das Handeln und Ausleben von psychischen Vorgängen und dem expressionistischen Depressionismus rangen, werden durch Themen wie
Kommunikation, Grazie und vor allem der Unabdingbarkeit des ständigen
hochkomplexen Kognitionsapparates liebevoll mit Nachdruck dargelegt.
Die scheinbare Ratlosigkeit und zunächst aufgenommene Verzweiflung
lösen nicht nur im Rahmen eines Live-Konzerts die emotionalen Spannungen
des Hörens, sondern versuchen zu beweisen dass die Abwesenheit von Licht nicht Dunkelheit sondern transzendente Farben sind die sich orchestral ins Ohr weben lassen. Unverblümt kann er sich auf der Bühne so präsentieren und den Rahmen für ein gemeinsames Erlebnis der Melancholie bis ans Äußerste spannen.


Harriet R. (freie Journalistin)


Tracks: (total 39.38)


01 none's no answer (6.00) (listen to this track in 'media')
02 panic (1.54)
03 the last remains (3.11)
04 fiction-kid (4.18)
05 shooting-star forsook (3.22)
06 like the credits (3.35) (listen to this track in 'media')
07 drown the sound out (6.23)
08 grace (1.54)
09 beautiful mind (4.35)


Lyrics of 'Readings of Lethargy'


1. none's no answer

i spend my time, a runnin' open source
gets spilled to floors, don't you look beneath things
the cracks are filled with war

the tears of time, some guess it's all hearsay
the way to play, the neighbours feel betrayed
and cut out of someone

who believes in the magic of shuttin' your system down
don't believe in fairy godmothers not coming 'round

i guess it's hard when there's something fallin' ohh...
i miss the run, miss the run,
can't go on...

when there's someone that you heart
against the equal-powered stare
i miss the run, miss the run
can't go on...

when it's burnin' from down under your nails
n' you got questioned, answered: “none“
when there's something tickeling your tongue

   won't you be with the last one.
   don't you see understanding, standing tall in
   his towered arms you're small

...and i like you

when there's someone that you heart
i guess its hard when there's something fallin' ohh...
i miss the run, miss the run,
can't go on...

when there's something fallin' ohh...
when there's someone still in love
can't go on, can't go on,
my tired-off-the-grid-one

if this isn't what you really want, why don't you go tell anyone
tell the truth, keep on talkin' yourself, tell anyone, then you run...
handsome one
i couldn't move a muscle till the phone has rung, sitting here all alone

maybe i should take a time-out should spend my time without
convincing the too-prouds
and if only you could put your nose in the wind,
wind is good and helps to get by, to get drained off,
to transform into something beautiful and less derailed

2. panic

and if i ever could, show the words i should
i'd make a chart with colours and names known by heart
tell me of the others, did they read those maps
tell me of the others, i cannot breath in

and if i'Ve ever seen all the silent excuses on my screen
then i would start to learn that you ain't in between

words that you can't say (who isn't a little helpless somehow)
let me say problems ain't well you know, i let you sleep
words that you can't say, and all of this keeps me awake, i let you sleep

and maybe all the others can't win a line too thin to hang on
to hang on and loose themselves for the one

and maybe i could feel you, if only i could feel
feel in case of either and nowhere left to turn
all this years and all this years
so on, so on, i guess we count too slow, with nowhere to go,
with nowhere to go
with nowhere to... step out alive

i lie awake and watch you breathe, go ahead, dream on, stop all the silent
things that happen there, i've tried to come back home... but who's aware
don't you dare, stop
all the lies you cannot breach through a wall that's harder than the
believe of the worst things that could happen to you're so lame

stop till you go...

i wish your panic would show

and although i thought this would last, it kept me open
i said too much and so i...   

3. (hypothetically) the last remains

i was not the one to have the clarity
and to see how the caretakers do prevail
and when the last remains are clear on the streets
oh will then i be still knowing what they'll ever mean to me

tear up from down, well pushed around, who isn't circling
self-stigmatised, a mind that rises like a cirrus

and i still don't know what that means
all days collide like there ain't no son tonight
can't see what they're stunned about
cannot make a sound
but i'm found, but i'm found

oh will i be there fighting for the rest for the best
oh will i there be lying to myself to myself

4. fiction-kid is post-modern

hey what's that you're sayin',
i can remember stroking your head gently yesterday
and so emphase my will, by negating all its content loudly
and annoyed you're still, ohhh the fate of thrill

oh i can't remember still how unroutined the courage of a younger one could be
said to me don't you drool, this kid is able to engage with a stronger deeper soul
and the need to avoid the weaker one

i made you see, that all you should want is being me...
in a new improved version for to treat everyone better than me

smaller aims and praying for them to just prevail
to be better off now and hopefully be wise and slow

deep in my head still there is a brave thought of tryin' and of hope
my witness the lord would like you to

see all this, turn around, all of this, give it a try

you deny me and i don't know what to say about this, it's all in my head
oh, i've seen a lot of things and i see this fallin' apart
hold on my loved one this time to turn around

i will ever fall with you, fight for you, holding your scars
will excuse my will, best for you because i feel it's true
and will ever i turn my back on you i will hope for you
(to forgive me soon)          

5. Shooting-star forsook

i try to step out the door
'n' everyone has got somewhere to go, start from here
there's a breach of light in the sky, softly i
try to cross this theatre
i try to warn every kid in their windows

and this one won't last, carry the wish of the past
keep it warm and safe, protect it for the one

but this one shooting star will carry every wish
and when it crashes down with an amount of thoughts and gifts

so it won't last for long, and this is why it's here
if we all were meant to be special we would all share its doom
for me and you

but really i must go and leave this world alone
they've told me all that they know it's time for me to go

6. like the credits

the popcorn is gone and the lights are getting' dim again
noises of departurin' pals are givin' cause for concern
tryin' to ease their sake and

how was the film? i did notice nothin' but the credits i will

as if they wouldn't stop they still do
broadcast information about someone new
but who are you... in this
how are you... are you feelin' this

that scene is comin' to an end,
and the cleaning guy is crossing my rank, i lift my feet

look aside, the streams of your waving hand, goodnight
oh how i wish me legs would carry me while sayin' this
oh and i conspire

for once i could win, take your hand, fields of flowers oh and then
but not for me, and not with you, i'm just a name in the credits for you

7. drown the sound out

i just came here for the readings of what
and i lay here down for the praising of god

and i have seen people tryin’ to hide behind
every face’s muscle willin’ to die, don’t be shy
search for the questions still
we search for answers still, we don’t know who we are

hush, hush, don’t attract attention now
duck and cover doin’ your show
every eye might be caught by the stage now
oh, baby you’re not insane and you’ve never been
it’s just an inborn conflict in you, that says

you need safety
you need this
and the spotlights will give you a chance
to find comfort in hugs, we’ll give
cuz we came here for this

wouldn’t you weep, if you knew that you were caught by us
we’ll absorb all the hurt
it’s no disgrace to even cry out loud or to appeal to our humanity

and we’ll drown the sound out to see a tear-soaked peck burnin’ down jowls
oh keep your head up, once bitten twice shy, oh i know
that she’s sad, that she’s sad now
but oh is he worth it
see right now, that someday there’ll be
someone else telling you the things
that you’re still missing and maybe that will help

oh her heels are losing ground while she falls motionless on the dancefloor, and her elbowroom spreads invisible wings bracket-shaped all over the ground
and her pupils are hidden behind the half-closed last curtains stage-side
and i know this time that she turns to white, she’s gonna die
and she wants this song just to stay alive, to be the funeral-oration this time
her fingers won’t release the box of pills that she was needing so to forget

she just came here as one and the same so she didn’t recognize
that the readings of lethargy mostly don’t really happen once or twice

oh i cannot wake, cannot wake, i cannot open these damn eyes
oh this attack of fever must lie, cuz in visions nobody can die

oh what she said, oh what she said now, she's gasping for air
oh she said no, the pills weren’t real, no

so she wanted no one to know how it really feels like
when a heartstring has broken in pieces twice,

the posterity is now able to know
what an aftermath is about
when you really have ever been loved

8. grace

like a drudge you've been carrying a smile up there
give it time and space for your dimples arrivin' here
and so you think you know
...i knew who you were

with a baggage full of fears to make mistakes you will
exchange the streets like a dove sent by northern air
I mediate “who are you”, who may she be
n'what does she mean to me
   ...a ripchord for me, oh so suddenly

don't you ever fall with your grace,
you're fallin' back open i heard you say,
caught up in a mess, hear you me roarin' from under the edge

open the backstreets to hear her cello,
listen to what is countin' most,
from block to corner we are still at the banks,
travelin' cities like our worn out cents yeah

we don't understand what you do,
went up early still waitin' for you,
when you're around,
when you're in town

9. beautiful mind

cold, cold, my stomach's achin' and feels like pulp
head, my head, it purrs for breathin', it's workin' less

don't unfold the messages, what i feel now is not too bad,
guess we could not get prepared for this
ragin' hopes and fears and things we said we didn't mean,
i want to stop to get too much or much too less

and pumpin' blood to wake when i kiss the rails tonight

i am always your..., i am always yours

my goodnight's sleep helps
and also i'd miss kinda things,
you can let go, banned by the glow, banned by the unknown
all my possibilities were meant for me while headin' home
and i can't see and i can't see
so would you finally, would you still ride to finish me
would you take a ride through my butter skin tonight

i want to love anything, release my thoughts

release me...

all rights prohibited 2009 – Bee Sight Eze Studios – Francis Aeol